California 1203.4 PC

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About California 1203.4 PC

California 1203.4 PC is a penal code (PC) that.

Insofar as its relationship to an individual being prohibited from the possession of firearms it clearly states that there will be a 10-year firearms prohibition according to & under California State Law.  This document is signed by a California Judge who obviously is aware and acknowledges its prohibition and future return of firearm’s rights after the 10-year prohibition.  This is a State law, meaning that from beginning to end its prohibition and reinstatement is under the authority of California State law.

Along comes the Feds (again) and even though the Lautenberg Amendment clearly states that a person who is convicted of a misdemeanor crime of Domestic Violence is generally prohibited from possession of a firearm for life, it also states that this prohibition will be lifted IF you are pardoned, or your record is allowed to be expunged, AS LONG AS the pardon or expungement specifically states that your firearms prohibition by the State in which you were convicted is removed.

Well boys and girls, CA 1203.4 PC specifically  & automatically reinstates your firearm’s rights after a 10-year prohibition,  period….so what’s the deal with the Feds?  I’ll tell you – What happened was the Department of Justice (meaning their internal lawyers) decided to create a policy under the Lautenberg Amendment (Federal Law) that ignored the California State Law’s reinstatement of firearms rights…why?  Because this is nothing more than a “gun grab” in any way possible.

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